People usually come to counselling because something isn't right in their lives. You may not know how to go on; or things may not feel quite right. When someone is struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-worth, voice hearing, suicide and other issues it is usually because something is wrong in their life and their basic needs are not being met. They may be missing the love, care, respect, meaningfulness, relationships, excitement or rest that they need. Or they may need to express their anger or tears.

In the counselling relationship we can experience being able to acknowledge these needs and feelings and have them accepted and valued, which in turn helps us to accept our own needs and find ways to meet them.

Some people I see are in a place where they can't find a way to do the things they want to do - can't stop drinking, can't stop getting into arguments or fights, can't start doing something, can't finish anything, can't change the path their life seems to be going down - and they beat themselves up for it. But the thing is, there is always a reason for these things, even if it isn't evident (it often isn't). You might drink to forget the trauma you suffered, react with violence to protect yourself when you feel afraid, struggle to do things because not trying can feel safer than failing, or a million other possibilities.


My role is to help you explore the things that get in the way, the things that stop you making the changes to your life that you would like to make. And then support you to remove those barriers, heal the wounds that are holding you back and find ways forward to the life you want and deserve.


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