Your sessions with me are confidential. This means that I do not share information about you without your knowledge and agreement unless I am lawfully required to do so.

Breaching confidentiality is incredibly rare, but may happen in the following circumstances:

If I believed you or someone else were at risk of serious harm. If this were the case I may have to act on my professional and legal duty of care. Wherever possible I would discuss this with you first and we would decide the best course of action together.

If you share information about money laundering; drug trafficking or acts of terrorism.

If I am issued with a court order.

Even in these cases, information shared would be 'adequate and proportionate', i.e. the minimum required.

I have monthly supervision with an experiences supervisor when I discuss my work. I refer to clients anonymously and the focus is on me and my process, in order to help me be the best counsellor I am capable of being.


I am required to keep notes on our sessions together. These notes will be stored electronically with encryption. I am required to keep these note for 7 years following the end of your therapy, after which they will be securely erased.

You may request to see your notes at any point during your therapy or afterwards. We would usually look through them together so I can answer any questions you may have.

GDPR Information (General Data Protection Regulation)

What information do I collect?

If you have sessions with me I collect the following information:


Contact number



Emergency contact name and number (which I will only use in a case of genuine emergency.)

What do I use it for?

I use contact and emergency contact information while you are in counselling.

Do I share/store your information?

I only use your information for the delivery of my services. I do not share any of your information with any third party or use it for marketing purposes.

Your information is stored in password protected documents on a encrypted memory stick. Your name and contact details are kept separate from your notes.

Legitimate interest

I may be required to share your information in the case of Safeguarding concerns, risk of significant harm, information about drug trafficking, money laundering or acts of terrorism. Any information shared would be adequate and proportionate, i.e. the minimum required.

Clinical Will: In case of my death or incapacitation my supervisor will take a sealed envelope of my client's contact details in order to notify them and assist them in finding appropriate support.

Legal obligation

I may be required to share information if issued with a court order.

I am required to keep financial records for the purposes of tax returns for 7 years.


I may share your information if you ask me to share your notes/information with other medical professionals or legal representative.

How long do I keep your information?

If you choose to have counselling with me I keep your notes separate from your name and contact details for 7 years from the end of your counselling with me, in line with the requirements of my professional insurance.

If you have any concerns about how I use your data, please discuss it with me as soon as you feel able.

You also have the right to complain to the ICO (Information commissioner's office):

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