Anonymised comments from previous clients

"It's early days, but a great move forward and start to what feels like a new life"

"Many thanks, it's because you care."

"I was dubious as to whether sitting and talking about alcohol would make things better, or worse, or have any impact whatsoever. …. In the early stages of my recovery I was so involved with internal conflict that I did not fully understand or appreciate what Vay was helping me achieve or how effectively she approached her role. … What Vay enabled me to do was to challenge my thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a manner I had never previously believed possible. Throughout the process the decisions were mine, as with hindsight they had to be, in order for me to achieve self-change. … Vay gave me something far more important than sobriety. She showed me how to, and the importance of the ability to, connect. She allowed me to speak for the first time in my life, without fear of judgement. I expressed and discussed feelings and emotions, a concept previously completely alien to me. She gave me courage, determination and self-belief at times when I felt I had none."

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